5 Ways a Cutting-Edge VoIP System Can Increase Your Sales

Voice over IP (VoIP) allows small companies to compete with their larger rivals when it comes to call management. Using cutting-edge technologies, businesses can exploit every sales opportunity that arrives by phone. Not only that, but VoIP also improves customer retention rates.

But if you’re still undecided, here are a few ways the very latest VoIP systems can increase your business’ sales.

1. Voice Recognition for Better Call Management

There was a time when telephonic voice recognition was reserved for the biggest companies in the world. Now, however, small companies can set up their systems to recognize the verbal prompts of callers. This ensures sales queries are directed to the right department — and in many cases, the right individual.

All too often, small businesses miss out on sales because customers become frustrated by a misdirected call or an engaged tone. Voice recognition ensures callers can take control of how their call is managed.

2. Call Hunting to Reduce Voicemails

A busy tone is often the end of a sales opportunity. But with call hunting, you never have to worry about a potential customer’s call going unanswered again. While similar to call forwarding, call hunting tries several different numbers, rather than just one.

For example, if no one can take the call to a business number, that call can be directed to a home phone. If there’s no answer there, the VoIP system moves onto the next number on the list — often a cell phone or an internet phone service.

3. Virtual Numbers for Cheaper International Calls

If you run an international business, the issue of call rates could be costing you sales. Consumers don’t like paying for telephone calls to companies at the best of times, but making expensive international calls is even more unpopular.

A VoIP system can create a series of virtual numbers that look just like local numbers. Not only does this tell your customers that the call is probably free, but it also gives your business the prestige of looking like an international corporation.

4. Click-to-Call for Better Conversion Rates

While a lot of businesses are now securing most of their leads online, there is still a place for the telephone. And in some cases, both mediums can work hand in hand. For example, you can generate leads by adding a clickable phone number to your website. This is often a simple icon that puts the website visitor straight through to your sales team via your VoIP platform.

5. Hosted PBX for Improved Customer Service

VoIP can harness the power of cloud computing to offer an extensive range of PBX functionality. Historically, the hardware, software, and maintenance required to run PBX systems were prohibitive for smaller businesses. Now, however, features such as business extensions, dial-by-name, and audible menus are easy to set up and exceptionally cheap to run.

Using cloud-based PBX, you can give your callers prompts for better call management. For example, to inquire about a particular product or service, the caller would press the corresponding number on their keypad. Greetings, sales messages, and music can be personalized with ease — ensuring each caller gets a unique and relevant experience. These features are all an important part of turning leads into sales.

Thankfully, all of these features — and many more besides — are available from Fluent Voice. Managed VoIP, the latest technologies, and ongoing support can help you to leverage your sales calls in the most reliable and cost-effective way possible.